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The evolution of automation in the ceramic sector

Each company follows its own path: new ceramic product performance, energy containment, aesthetic research, new formats and thin thicknesses. Automation systems are now like tailor-made suits, agreed down to the smallest detail with the customer, tested and finished with sartorial care: TecnoFerrari's aim is to evolve the automation of the future.

Know-how derived from over 50 years of experience in the world's most important ceramic district has enabled TecnoFerrari to develop ad hoc solutions for every need. Today, the machines can guarantee high performance in most stages of the tile production process: from storage, through end-of-line and digital printing to logistics and packaging of the finished product. Storage in the ceramic industry initially consists of loading and unloading machines: these have the capacity to handle both raw and fired products.

The pallets are in turn handled by automatic AGVs that allow a computerised storage system that is highly flexible in terms of quality and quantity. The large dimensions of the machine and the pallets provide very high performance with a limited number of cycles.

In addition to storage systems, TecnoFerrari offers different types of vehicles for handling, logistics, preparation and packaging of the finished product as well as machines for decoration and sorting. The TGVBox and TGVPallet vehicles designed by TecnoFerrari are characterised by a high load capacity and an automatic or bottle-feed battery charging system, as well as a series of options that can be customised according to the needs of the production cycle. Logistics in the ceramic sector does not stop at automation alone: being able to guarantee an automated handling system is synonymous with safety, reliability and high performance. Improving and stabilising production flows together with maximum flexibility in batch management, as well as optimising workspace and operator safety, are just some of the advantages of the Made in Italy solutions proposed by the TecnoFerrari team.


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