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India: GeoGres’ in-house plant started up

The Indian market is in continuous expansion, and the major companies in the ceramic sector in the South Asian territory aim to invest in new technologies to speed up and improve their production performance. This is the case of GeoGres, a brand specialized in the production and commercialization of ceramic wall and floor tiles for indoors, outdoors and public spaces. GeoGres, presents both in the Indian market and internationally, is built on values such as passion, skill and professionalism. To achieve high technical and production standards, GeoGres has relied on TecnoFerrari‘s handling and automation technologies for their new plant, Delta Tiles, designed for production of large slabs. The plant, started up in the second half of 2022, is able to manage and handle different types of sizes up to 800×3200-1200×3200with thicknesses up to 18mm.

The supply consists of TR400 loading and unloading machines at the kiln inlet, served by a TGV Box automatic vehicle with a capacity of 15 tons. The latter work with a magnetic guidance system and are equipped with lithium battery to ensure greater efficiency, thus eliminating all the limits of conventional batteries. The advantages of the system certainly include the possibility of keeping the kiln full even in the event of production stops at the beginning of the line, as well as the possibility of managing production in FIFO (First In – First Out) mode with resting the material before entering the kiln.

This leads to a considerable reduction of defects that may occur during firing process, thanks to the homogenisation of humidity by resting the product before it is sent into the kiln. The plant is completed with loading/unloading solutions between the kiln exit and the entrance to the squaring line: in this case with MP400 machines served in the traditional way using forklifts, to handle stackable pallets, a solution specifically designed for large format production, increasing the available storage capacity. An important business partnership for TecnoFerrariand GeoGres, both companies at the forefront of their respective sectors: quality, technology and customer satisfaction are some of their shared core values.

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