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TecnoFerrari Storage and Handling for Brazilian group Villagres

TecnoFerrari has signed another key agreement across the pond for its storage and handling system for large formats. Brazilian group Villagres, a well-established brand on the porcelain stoneware market, has confirmed its partnership with TecnoFerrari to develop its storage solutions for both unfired and fired products, as well as for sheet handling. The agreement reached involves the supply of loading/unloading machines at the kiln infeed to store and handle unfired material with formats up to 1800 mm and thicknesses ranging from 6 to 12.

The project also includes the supply of a TR300, a kiln front Box unloading machine, fitted with a mobile roller conveyor with a built-in transfer system, to guarantee simple and reliable handling and highly accurate processing of material.

To ensure maximum flexibility, the material will be handled by automatic TGVBOX vehicles.

The shuttles, supplied with a TecnoFerrari magnetic guide system and a lithium battery, are designed to handle material with a capacity up to 15 tonnes and are fitted with sophisticated and reliable active and passive safety systems to continuously control the area around them, which means significantly higher safety levels.

The system will enable the Brazilian group to have full control over the process and suitably streamline the production cycle, as well as to considerably reduce production downtime costs.

Its flair for consultancy and the experience gained over the years have allowed TecnoFerrari to strengthen its relationship with both Villagres and Brazil. For TecnoFerrari the agreement with the Brazilian group further confirms the reliability of its products and means added international recognition for its storage and handling systems.


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