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TecnoFerrari conquest Brazil

After the success in the Indian market with the Simpolo group, TecnoFerrari closes another important international agreement with the Brazilian giant Portobello.

The Brazilian group, which is based in Tijucas, Santa Caterina, is the largest Brazilian ceramic company with a gross turnover of more than R $ 1 billion and serves with its production numerous countries in the five continents as well as covering the domestic market through retailers multibrand. The agreement provides for the handling and storage of slabs, fired and unfired product, with sizes up to 1835x3670mm and thicknesses ranging from 6 to 20mm.

To guarantee maximum flexibility, TecnoFerrari has included in the project machines for loading / unloading in the oven able to manage 3 different working modes (direct, buffer, loading / unloading) for the management of a wide range of sizes (from 600x600mm to 1935x3670mm ).

The handling of the unfired product will be entrusted to automatic sole vehicles, TGVBox with magnet technology, to allow a significant reduction in maintenance costs due to the characteristic dirt of the ceramic industry.

For the management of terracotta, the provision of ad hoc technology is envisaged: a combination of quality control systems, aspirated floor machines and a 3-axis palletizer for vertical storage on A-frames.

The total attention to the customer and his needs has allowed TecnoFerrari to design, together with Portobello, the best solutions for the customer, and with the closing of the agreement the Brazilian Group aims to conquer further market shares by increasing production efficiency and reducing costs due to production stoppages.

For TecnoFerrari the agreement with Portobello is a further confirmation of the reliability of its products and an international recognition of its storage and handling systems.


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