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Partnership between Gruppo TecnoFerrari and Indian Group Simpolo Ceramics

Following an important commercial agreement, Gruppo TecnoFerrari become a leading partner of Indian Group Simpolo Ceramics, that has played the role of a trend setter in the Indian Ceramics industry, for handling slabs up to 1600x3200mm and thicknesses ranged from 6 to 20mm (Technical Tile and various type of surface).

In order to guarantee maximum flexibility, TecnoFerrari envisaged a rotating table at the furnace entrance and a combination of a loading/unloading machines in order to have up to 3 different working modes (direct, buffer, loading/uloading).

The handling of raw material will be entrusted to automatic sole vehicle, TGVBox with capacity up to 15 ton with magnet technology, this will drastically reduce maintenance costs due to the charateristics dirt of this area. The agreement also provides for the supply of technology for the management, handling and storage of cotto material with laser technology vehicle able to stack up to 6 floors. The system has been specifically designed for this particular type of slabs: a leading product in a highly competitive market where flexible management of different / small lots is required.

The ability to design and build together with the Simpolo Group the best plant for its needs has determined another important step forward for the strengthening of the Indian group’s market strategies. The automation, integration and above all the flexibility of the technology developed by TecnoFerrari make it possible to meet every type of requirement in an increasingly selective market, maintaining total control of the production cycle.


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