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TecnoFerrari seals Automotive project with high tonnage AGVs

CNH Industrial e Nikola Motor Company, with their European Automotive join-venture, have chosen Gruppo TecnoFerrari to implement logistics automation for the Ulm production plant, where the Nikola TRE, the battery-electric heavy commercial vehicle, will see the light of day.

Gruppo TecnoFerrari's proposal includes a fleet of more than 30 AGVs, for handling and transporting Trucks along the production line.

The vehicles will be equipped with lithium-ion and magnetically guided batteries to ensure high-precision positioning of chassis in the production area and enable optimal management of the assembly process.

The key determinant of TecnoFerrari's success has been its ability to guarantee high tonnage AGVs, with a maximum payload of more than 10 tons.

This advantage, in a highly competitive industry such as Automotive, has allowed TecnoFerrari to stand out and bring its expertise to one of the industries that has made innovation its strong point.

The use of TecnoFerrari's AGVs will also allow for a significant increase in the safety of the production hub and increase efficiency with vehicles capable of operating H24/7, while also achieving a significant reduction in costs when adapting the plant to workflows.

The AGV solution is scalable and offers maximum flexibility to the plant by freeing up interesting areas from physical encumbrances on the ground such as catenaries, belts and other conveyor systems.

This agreement is the result of several factors: the trust recognized by Nikola and CNH, TecnoFerrari's many years of experience in logistics automation, and above all, the ability to acquire from each installation and from each customer that detail that always allows them to make a difference in each area.


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