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TecnoFerrari signs its partnership with Panealba for pallet handling

A company with a story to tell. In the heart of the Langhe region since 1982, Panealba began as a small artisan business that has transformed over time into one of the most authentic expressions of Made in Italy, not only nationally but worldwide, just like TecnoFerrari.

Originally established as a breadstick factory, the new industrial area of Panealba in Cherasco (CN) has centralized the savory production lines to the Campiello-branded sweet production lines. With the start-up of the new pole, the Company experimented with the use of 4.0 technologies to combine the ancient Piedmontese tradition with technological innovation: thus was born the partnership with TecnoFerrari, the industrial automation company that for more than 60 years has been contributing to the evolution of logistic systems first in the ceramic sector and then developing solutions suitable for the most diverse industrial sectors.

TecnoFerrari has always set as its goal the creation of ad hoc solutions to meet the needs of its customers: at the new Panealba site, the initial need was to handle unwrapped pallets of finished product exiting the palletizers to the pallet wrapper, in addition to the supply of empty pallets. For this need, TecnoFerrari supplied a vehicle with an on-board roller conveyor, equipped with four stations, so that 2 pallets loaded with product and 2 empty pallets could be transported at the same time thanks to a load-bearing structure added to the classic TGV Pallet vehicle.

In addition to this particular supply, other laser-guided vehicles were installed inside the plant to transport the finished product from the winder to the automatic warehouse already inside the plant. All TecnoFerrari-branded vehicles are suitable for being able to communicate and exchange collected data with various machines already present within the production plant. This allows companies like Panealba to have perfect product traceability at all stages of handling, thus embracing the concept of Industry 4.0.

With the closure of the Piedmont site at the end of 2022, TecnoFerrari has responded to the demand of an evolving market with a high level of automation to be able to ensure a top-quality product. Panealba and Tecnoferrari, two companies united by a single purpose: to look ahead without losing sight of the most important ingredient namely the authenticity of their product.


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