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Logistics Evolution-Safety First Edition: an overwhelming success for TecnoFerrari

TecnoFerrari hosted the first "Logistics Evolution-Safety First Edition" event at its new headquarters with great success. The event was attended by leading names in the ceramic logistics district, as well as numerous press offices, further strengthening TecnoFerrari's reputation as a benchmark in the industry.

Kicking off the lectures was Eng. Cristiano Canotti, a well-known consultant and the face of Sassuolo-based ceramic automation, who introduced the speakers by analyzing the "just in time" production model. His vast experience and expertise aroused great interest among the participants, providing an in-depth overview of the latest trends in logistics automation.

Next, Eng. Nicolò Rocchetti, General Manager of TecnoFerrari, took the floor, focusing on the importance of safety and emphasizing how this issue is a priority for the future. The company is firmly committed to ensuring a safe working environment and adopting the latest technologies and to protect its employees and customers. TecnoFerrari consults with customers, suppliers and its R&D team on a daily basis to be able to develop the machines that best meet the strictest standards of operator and product safety.

Alberto Rosignoli, Commercial Director of the Fiorano-based company, next illustrated the consultative approach taken by TecnoFerrari in proposing cutting-edge logistics solutions. Thanks to the close partnership with customers, the commitment to fully understanding the specific needs of each customer is a key theme, thus offering customized solutions that optimize the efficiency and safety of logistics operations in the ceramic industry.

Also speaking at the event were two major suppliers who have made safety their core business: SICK and REER. Both shared their innovations and cutting-edge products in the field of industrial safety, offering valuable information on the latest technologies and solutions available to ensure a safe and secure working environment through the applications of safety devices on TecnoFerrari-branded machines.

Still riding on the theme of innovation in the field of industrial automation for the ceramic industry, the focus shifted to Supervisor TF and Plantviewer, two software programs developed by the TecnoFerrari team. The lectures were given by Eng. Simone Guidetti and Eng. Giuseppe Marazzi, two experts in the field of automation software development, who demonstrated, also practically, their operation within an existing plant.

Eng. Matteo Grigolo concluded the event with a case history related to one of the most complete plants delivered by TecnoFerrari: thanks to the in-depth analysis of the layout, the event's participants were immediately clear on what the end customer's needs were and how the Fiorano-based automation company had been able to respond with customized, safe and efficient solutions.

It all ended with an aperitif in the outdoor courtyard of the company's new headquarters after a tour inside the production departments.

The "Logistics Evolution - Safety First Edition" event proved to be a unique opportunity to share knowledge, experience and innovations in the ceramic logistics sector. TecnoFerrari is proud to have hosted such a significant event and promises to continue to lead the evolution of logistics in the industry, always putting the safety of the machines it produces and distributes around the world every day first.


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