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Machines and other Machines

The 26th Gathering of Vintage Cars makes a stop at TecnoFerrari

"Machine and other Machine" is the concept behind the collaboration between TecnoFerrari and Autostoriche Fiorano, which has been organising one of the most popular events for motoring passionated for more than 20 years.

As the tradition, the participants of the 26th Autostoriche Fiorano meeting gathered in the main square of Fiorano Modenese. The next stop was in Via Ghiarola Nuova, at the Italian headquarters of TecnoFerrari.

A union between two apparently distinct worlds, the one of the automotive industry and the other of industrial automation encapsulate the same synergy between human creativity and advanced technology. They underline the crucial role that machines play in the economic, political and social evolution of a country.

In an atmosphere of happiness and fun, the machines became platforms of connectivity capable of bringing people together to get to know and celebrate the excellence of the territory and Made in Italy, including TecnoFerrari, a group leader in the industrial automation sector for more than 50 years.

Participants had the opportunity to discover the new TecnoFerrari headquarters, thanks to guided tours, and get to know the two souls of the company: people and machines.

During the event, founder Giancarlo Ferrari, together with one of his daughters and now CEO of the company Paola Ferrari and some former colleagues, was invited on stage by organiser and former employee Gianfranco Borghi.

It was a moment to share memories and celebrate the special bond between those who experienced the entrepreneurial challenge with him. It was a unique opportunity to honour the past while looking to the future.

At the end, the organisers delivered the ever-present commemorative tile of the event.


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