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The TecnoFerrari Group Supplier Portal exceeds 300 new registered suppliers

Launched during the mondial fair Tecnargilla 2018, the TecnoFerrari Supplier Portal has already exceeded the 300 new suppliers registered on the platform. The goal, achieved in less than 1 year from its launch, is the demonstration of the success of our Group’s new initiative, collected from potential suppliers from all over the world.

An absolute novelty among all the companies of the Sassuolo Ceramics District, the Portal is the privileged tool through which every supplier, habitual or potential, can start, manage and maintain commercial relations with the TecnoFerrari Group.

Self-introduction is the first step for a future business collaboration. Accessing to the portal, the supplier can fill in the information form with the possibility of creating his own profile, indicating activities, company’s dimensional and financial data, commercial references. Our internal evaluating team, will check the supplier profile, matching it with main requirements.

Overcoming of the following qualification process, the supplier will be registered into vendor list of Gruppo TecnoFerrari.

If you do not yet have credentials, we invite you to register with the TecnoFerrari Supplier Portal.


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