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TecnoFerrari Group arrives in the USA

The considerable increase in turnover from the American continent and TecnoFerrari’s philosophy of providing an efficient, top quality service have inevitably led to the opening of a branch to allow the company from Fiorano to move closer to its customers. After a long search and thorough analysis, it chose Tennessee – a strategic hub for US manufacturing – as the seat for its first American branch.

“For TecnoFerrari, the US is a market with broad prospects in terms of sales and now for us it is important to strengthen our relationship with customers with a permanent presence to coordinate and oversee the needs of a very large area with a dedicated approach,” says TecnoFerrari Group General Manager Nicolò Ronchetti, adding: “The aim of the branch is to handle US customers independently. A local presence enables us to guarantee a more efficient and faster service, as well as to handle any need directly.”


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