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Family-day in brief: a success!

It was an afternoon of sharing on Sunday, 4th December for TecnoFerrari: the inauguration of the new headquarters took place with all employees and collaborators, relatives and close friends, all framed by the Christmas atmosphere that was beginning to make itself felt. “We wanted to celebrate the inauguration with all employees and their families precisely so that they could get to know the environments that they visit every day: the offices, production, the company bistro, the courtyard and much more,” comments Nicolò Ronchetti, general manager of the automation company. The big party took place right inside the shed, with over 500 people present. Chocolate fountains, panettone, pandoro and food for all tastes. Nannies for the little ones and foosball and table tennis for the kids. “For the design and construction of the new company headquarters, we immediately sought to make the rooms comfortable, so that the people who work in them can feel a little more at home,” follows Paola Ferrari, managing director of the Fiorano-based group.

“We wanted to thank all the participants and those who contributed to the success of the event. As a cadeau for those present, we decided to distribute Dolcem chocolate bars, the proceeds of which will go to the Porta Aperta Voluntary Association of Modena. A small thought that, besides being very good, we want it to help those who need it most,’ concludes Donatella Ferrari, Managing Director.

Special thanks to all those who collaborated on the event, starting with Ritmo Ristorazione for the catering,Gebis 4 Kids for the children’s entertainment, Lunghi Giochi for the table football and table tennis, Barbara Rosi for the photos, Martinelli for the children’s gifts, Porta Aperta and Dolcem for the chocolate, and above all… all those who participated, without whom this family-day would not have been the same!


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