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Concepts for the courtyard structures of TecnoFerrari’s new headquarters presented in Catania

The TecnoFerrari team visiting the Abadir Academy of Design and Visual Communication, together with Massimo Gianquitto and modelling students for the presentation of the ideas to be realised

Yesterday, Nicolò Ronchetti and Claudio Piazzi, respectively general manager and marketing manager of TecnoFerrari, took part in the presentation of the structural concepts for the inner courtyard of the company’s new headquarters. Students from the Abadir Academy of Design and Visual Communication in Catania created models of the structures that will decorate the courtyard area of the new building. The proposals were various and all very interesting, as well as stylistically innovative. Ronchetti, as a representative of the TecnoFerrari ideology, expressed his opinion with Professor Makoto Fukuda, architect, designer and lecturer at the Academy, and Massimo Gianquitto, an expert in the field of office interior design, and author of several books on art and design.

The presentation took place inside one of the co-working spaces offered by Isola, a Catanese company that provides workspaces for training courses, meetings and cultural activities. Among the proposed concepts, in addition to sculptures marking the union between the world of ceramics and automation, various structural elements such as benches and luminaries stood out. Many ideas were presented by the students of the Modelling course, divided into working groups. We look forward to seeing the works installed in the new courtyard as soon as possible!


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