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Appointments in schools continue: TecnoFerrari stops at Marconi and Volta

TecnoFerrari, a leading company in the industrial automation sector, has enthusiastically participated in career days at various local schools in recent weeks. In particular, TecnoFerrari's experts stopped off at the Marconi di Pavullo and Volta di Sassuolo schools, with the aim of raising awareness of the company and the numerous job opportunities it offers.

During the events, the students had the opportunity to interact directly with TecnoFerrari professionals, discovering the various areas of work within the company. From engineers to specialised technicians, TecnoFerrari representatives showed the students the skills required and the possibilities for professional growth in the field of industrial automation.

The company also presented some of the most interesting projects in which it is involved, highlighting the crucial role that technology plays in the sector. The students were able to appreciate the importance of industrial automation in improving the efficiency and productivity of companies.

TecnoFerrari would like to thank the Istituto d'Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore Guglielmo Marconi, Pavullo and the Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore Alessandro Volta, Sassuolo, for their hospitality and for allowing us to participate in these events. The company hopes to continue the collaboration for future editions of the meetings, with the aim of inspiring more and more young people towards a career in the industrial automation sector.

Thanks to these initiatives, it is hoped that more and more young people will be motivated to explore the possibilities offered by an ever-expanding sector and that they will be able to contribute to the innovation and growth of the local industry.


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