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A success at Factory Day at the ITIS Fermi of Modena for the TecnoFerrari team

Once again this year TecnoFerrari took part in Factory Day 2023 at the Istituto Tecnico Industriale Enrico Fermi in Modena, with the aim of introducing the company and offering students new perspectives on industrial automation and everything that orbits around it.

Following an initial presentation to outline the sectors TecnoFerrari deals with, the focus focused on two fundamental themes for the R&D team: vehicle tracking and safety systems. In this regard, Simone Guidetti and Marco Fontana, the two representatives of the Fiorano-based industrial automation company, put on a playful activity to demonstrate some principles of localisation and security.

The project, developed entirely by the TecnoFerrari team, involved a simulation of a football goal to which a security laser scanner was installed to act as goalkeeper. The students, divided between attackers and defenders, controlled access to the laser scanner, thus preventing goals from being scored. This was assisted by an HMI which indicated on the screen what was happening during the activity. Last but not least, a tracking system with reflectors was presented and tested, which was unknown to the children, who were surprised and very interested.

As always, we thank the Institute for the invitation and the children for participating!


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