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A dive into memories to speak to future generations

In the ceramic district, many large companies have an important story to tell. However, this cultural heritage is often overlooked or even forgotten. Historical photographic material is a valuable tool for recovering and preserving memory.

In particular, TecnoFerrari has decided to collect various photographs, starting from the very beginning of the company in the 60s up to more recent times. A precious testimony on its technological evolution, on the people who worked on it, on the products made and on the relations with the territory.

Once the material was collected, the photographs were digitized and cataloged in order to make them accessible for consultation.

The process of recovering historical memory has been underway for some years now. During the transfer to our new headquarters in Via Ghiarola Nuova, other photographic testimonies, newspaper articles, machine projects and much more emerged. The intention is to dust off the memories of those who have worked with us for a lifetime, as well as allowing new collaborators to touch the historicity of TecnoFerrari with their own hands.” Paola Ferrari intervenes, owner together with her sister Donatella of the industrial automation company based in Fiorano Modenese.

A journey among the different types of machines that have been designed, among the sector exhibitions, which for years have been an important destination for consolidating relationships with customers, suppliers and commercial partners, a real journey down memory lane.

The recovery of historical photographic material is undoubtedly an investment in the conservation and enhancement of the historical memory of a large automation company and the territory in which it is located.


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