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Research and Development

We constantly focus on the research and development of new technological solutions aimed at improving industrial automation systems, which we design and export all over the world.
Our professional and experienced team allow us to face and win challenges while enthusiastically pursuing our history.

TecnoFerrari has been innovating since 1966. We move you into the future!


Constant development of our products is guaranteed by the ideas and experience of our engineers and technicians who are working in an interdisciplinary environment combining design, production and customer requirements.

Our aim includes the attention at every stage from supplier relations to final testing. Projects become reality by directly managing plants, machines, and simulations using advanced 3D CAD software such as Inventor.


We invest in new resources and products according to the dynamics of the market in order to develop ever faster and better performing machines which can reduce operating costs.
We actively work on customised projects, adapting the functionality of our machines to the specific needs of each customer, through the use of programming languages and software such as: C#, Omron, SQL, WPF, Scada, JS.

There are currently 5 research and development centres:
Logistics (AGV, Supervisor Software, TM, WMS, MES…);
Ceramic Storage (Raw and fired loading/unloading machines;);
End-of-line technologies (Palletisers, wrapping and sorting line;)
Vision Systems (Quality control, defects, tone, measurement…);
Digital Printing (Single-pass, Multi-pass..).


We develop techniques and algorithms oriented towards automatic quality control and non-contact measurement. We design and produce custom electronic systems used within our machines and implement neural networks and deep-learning techniques to improve performance.

We use an agile development method with the support of:

– modern lifecycle management platforms (Git and Team Foundation Server)
– various programming languages such as C++ and C# within the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment
– OpenSource platforms and technologies (e.g. OpenCV, TensorFlow…)
– development platforms for microcontrollers and FPGAs (e.g. Altera Quartus, Microchip MPLAB, Arduino…)
– EFX (Elaboration Framework), a software environment patented by us.

Problems encountered in the field become opportunities for growth and development. Our high-performance products are the guardians of quality and efficiency. Continuous evolution is made possible thanks to tailor-made projects based on real needs. The team supports you at every stage of the process, creating personalized solutions that meet the needs of different industrial sectors.
With TecnoFerrari, professionalism, experience and progress are at your service.

TGVC Pallet è un sistema per l'automazione logistica del glass

Industrial automation

TGVC Pallet è un sistema per l'automazione logistica del packaging

Technology for ceramics

Ricerca e sviluppo nella logistica: TGVC-Pallet

Vision systems

Ricerca e sviluppo nella stampa digitale: Decora

Digital Printing

La competenza è la chiave del successo.
La formazione continua e specialistica è una delle aree a cui dedichiamo maggior attenzione. Sviluppiamo programmi specifici per il nostro team e per quello dei nostri clienti e partners.


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