We constantly renew our commitment to research and development of new technological solutions aimed at improving industrial automation systems



Constant evolution of our products is ensured by the ideas and experiences of engineers and technicians. An interdisciplinary environment that combines design, manufacturing, and customer needs. Our commitment includes attention at every stage from supplier relations to final testing. We concretize projects by directly managing plants, machines, machining, and simulations with advanced 3D CAD software such as Inventor



We invest in new resources and products according to the dynamics of the market in order to develop faster and higher performance machines that can lower consumption and operating costs. We actively work on customized projects, adapting the functionality of our machines to the specific needs of each customer with the use of programming languages and software such as: C#, Omron, SQL, WPF, Scada, JS



We develop machine vision techniques and algorithms mainly oriented toward automatic quality control and non-contact measurement. We design and build custom electronic systems used within our machinery. We employ neural networks and deep-learning techniques to improve performance

Four research and development centers are currently active

Logistics automation (AGV, Supervisor Software, TM, WMS, MES, Palletizers…);
Technologies for the ceramic industry (Raw and fired loading/unloading machines, Wrap;).
Vision Systems (Quality Control , Defects, Tone, Measurement and Choice Line..);
Digital Printing (Single-pass, Multi-pass..).


Lifecycle management (Git and Team Foundation Server)
C++ and C# within the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment
“EFX” (Elaboration Framework) a software environment patented by us.
Microcontrollers and FPGAs (e.g., Altera Quartus, Microchip MPLAB, Arduino…)
OpenSource platforms and technologies (e.g. OpenCV, TensorFlow…)
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