ISS 120

Automatic inks distribution system for digital printers

Components and technical specificatíons

Modular structure with:

  • Up to 8 carts with tank, stirring system, filtration system, refill
  • Tank capacity: 120 lt
  • lnterface with touchscreen panel
  • Connection interface with digital printer machine
  • Opportunity to refill two digital printer machines with a single station (optional)
  • Automatic regeneration ink cycle before the refilling

lntegrated software ink regenerating & stirring parameters management for single module. Opportunity to install the stations outside from the printer box.

Strong savings resulting from:

  • Reduction of the amount of time spent by operators for the refilling
  • Reduction in remaining inks wasted in standard tank
  • Saving on packaging and disposal cost

Power: 400 V 3n 2.5 kW