Die Cutter TCS240

Starting from a cardboard sheet with predetermined size and once set the dimensions of the die to obtain, the plant, in a fully automatic way, is able to:

  • Cuts and pastes the strips to the required length
  • Carries out the work (notching and creasing) required to achieve the finished dinking die
  • Performs high-definition digital printing of text, logos and barcodes
  • Storages and stacks of dies on a pallet
  • Full pallet roller transportation in the pickup position for storage
  • The plant performs simultaneously the production of 2 dinking dies, which could include different prints. The plant is equipped with a simplified user interface with software for the management and storage of the die’s creation parameters for the part relating to digital printer
  • Production and statistics program.
  • Vision system for printing verifies (optional).


  • Elimination of warehouse for dies inventories
  • Production of personalized dies just-in-time
  • Saving on the overall cost of dies
  • Accuracy and repeatability of the size of the dies
  • Flexibility in adapting the size and the printing of the die to the production
  • Extremely easy to use.

Components and technical specifications

Modular structure with:

  • Large dimensions carton warehouse (up to 130×120 cm)
  • Unit for extracting, cutting and pick-up strips
  • Unit for processing and pasting
  • Conveyor belt and pick-up warehouse.
  • Station for programmable slip-sheet cycle


  • Electrical panel: 400 V, 3P + N + PE, 8.5 kW
  • Glue Unit: 400 V, 3P + N + PE, 3 kW.

Rollers Unit with stations:

  • Empty pallet storage, stacking and pick up of full pallet
  • PLC and Inverter logic for highly precise handling and processing. Automatic calculation of all the working parameters and management formats
  • Automatic management of minimum scrap
  • Digital printing with multi-head system (up to 4 per die) and high definition
  • multi-colour Integrated software with recipe management and stamping image creation
  • Production capacity: from 14 up to 18 dies / min
  • Formats: Final Die length from 80 cm to 240 cm