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Hybrid XMS: TecnoFerrari’s increasingly smarter vision

Founded in 1969 by Said Zetchi, Faïenceries Algeriennes is long renowned for specialising in the production and sale of ceramic tiles. Over the years it has expanded its business, enhancing its production line and designing various types of products. A leading company on the Algerian market, the customer already has one Examina and realised it had an issue in terms of selection and gauges on the production lines not controlled by our XMS.

Faced with the differences highlighted on the lines and considering the need to standardise its production whilst maintaining the top quality for which it has always stood out, Faïenceries Algeriennes chose to control five other sorting lines with a precise, smart and functional machine, while keeping an optimal price/quality ratio. This is why it confirmed TecnoFerrari Group.

With its extensive experience in the visual selection field, indeed TecnoFerrari created a ‘hybrid’ machine able to accurately obtain the measurement of the gauge, flatness and shade as well, thanks to a visual recognition device consisting of two cameras. This is all done with a single, high performance and affordable machine.

The new investment concerns various strategic areas for automation, like the extension of the existing production area where TecnoFerrari provides an automated system integrated with TGV FOOD vehicles. The system is entirely made of stainless steel and is designed to handle chassis throughout the various production stages.

Plus, TecnoFerrari’s Examina has an extremely intuitive HMI and involves easy maintenance, which is essential in very dusty premises, and it can always be upgraded by integrating hardware and software for full quality control.

TecnoFerrari raises the bar in the sector and presents itself as a supplier for the whole intra-logistics supply chain with the provision of a comprehensive system to manage the entire curing process of products by handling them and checking the drop in weight, and providing a product monitoring system from bagging to loading onto the lorries.


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