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Decora 2: the new TF digital printer

A step forward in the production process with Decora 2

Digital printing in the ceramic industry has revolutionized the way ceramic products are manufactured and decorated. This evolution is a fascinating story of innovation and experimentation. From basic decoration on ceramic tiles, the technology has quickly evolved to be able to manage more complex designs and patterns. As the technology improved, manufacturers began to use digital printing for a wider range of designed products, not only ceramics. As the concept of evolution is part of TecnoFerrari‘s core value, the Italian company based in Ceramic District has started to collaborate more and more with other experts in the sector, including ink suppliers. These collaborations have enabled TecnoFerrari to develop, design and realize a digital printer that could not only create new types of effects on tiles but also bring process innovation through functional inks.

Decora 2, a new TecnoFerrari digital printer is designed with compact 2 bars frame less than 1700 mm in length and allows a laydown up to 70 g/m2 per bar. It moves the current technological boundaries further taking the concept of flexibility to the extreme through the use of functional inks.

TecnoFerrari introduces a new way of digital glazing. Same layout and raw materials, but different effects:

– 3D sharp textures on the base coat – 3D reliefs on top coat – Matt to glossy transitions on top coat – Anti-slip and anti-bacterial properties

Moreover, the precise ground fix allows reliable printer relocation. Ups is embedded for relocation without switching off, safeguarding the process. Decora 2 can be synchronized with other printers and work on existing belts conveyor with no cabin. The new single-pass digital printer allows costs reduction, time saving and achievement with the same ink. This development in the evolution of digital printing in ceramics allows the production of complex ceramic designs that were previously impossible to create. Decora 2 has opened up new possibilities for creative expression.


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