Lioli Ceramica

A new face of big slab handling for the indian ceramic industry

Lioli Ceramica pvt. Ltd has recognized Gruppo TecnoFerrari as the supplier for handling, storage and palletizing in the new factory in Morbi where production is expected in the first months of 2018.
This plant will be completely dedicated to porcelain tiles where the maximum size is 1600 x 3200 and with variable thickness from 6 to 20 mm.

The characteristics of the project were determined during the co-design phase: a development process aimed at strengthen the market strategies of Lioli Ceramica pvt. Ltd through the flexibility of the technology developed by TecnoFerrari.

The movement of the slabs entrusted to TGVBOX – TGVPL (automatic guided vehicle) vehicles with laser and magnetic technology allows Lioli to guarantee maximum efficiency in a new generation plant, reducing production costs, improving plant safety, and increasing the performance of the entire production plant.

The TR300 e MP400 loading / unloading machines allow accurate treatment of tiles in a market that requires perfection and different products.

Lioli will produce an environmentally friendly, 100% natural, partially recycled product and available in a wide range of colors suitable for residential and commercial projects.

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