Main features:

  • New frame up to 8 bars, up to 1400 mm print width
  • High speed recirculation ink distribution system
  • New aspiration system for reduced cleaning cycles
  • Automatic belt cleaning system
  • Decoration & Effects working mode
  • Double Row working mode
  • Small 4 bars frame version for multi-printer line layout

New software V7:

  • New fluid and user-friendly interface
  • Integrated tone and intensity adjustment
  • Integrated diagnostics and tool for remote assistance
  • Widest list of approved inks for decoration and effects
  • High skilled technical support and local services network

Available printing technologies:

16 rows, 111 mm print width
VivaJet® working mode: 360 dpi, 4 dpd@50 m/min, 20 gr/m
Innovative internal structure, metallic nozzles plate


XAAR 1003 GS6-GS12-GS40:
2 rows, 70 mm print width
VivaJet® working mode: 360 dpi, 4 dpd@36 m/min, 15 gr/m
Top greyscale print quality

Opzioni di trasporto:

GeCo® V7, complete suite for remote RIP and Colour Management
VivaSafe, laser barrier for dynamic thickness check
VivaScan, camera-based device for structures and textures detection