Main features:

  • Print width: 1200, 1600 and 2500 mm (6 Colours)
  • Max. speed 60 m/min (Y axis)
  • Maximum printable height 200 mm (Z axis)
  • White and clear printing at the same time as CMYK
  • Ink curing using UV Lamps and POWER LED (285-295 nm)
  • Provided for: Antistatic, Plasma, Corona and Flame treatments

Nuovo software V7:

  • New fluid and user-friendly interface
  • Integrated tone and intensity adjustment
  • Integrated diagnostics and tool for remote assistanc
  • Widest list of approved inks for decoration and effects
  • High skilled technical support and local services network

Available printing technologies:

XAAR 1003 GS6-GS12-GS40
2 rows, 70 mm print width
Specific models for pigments or UV inks
Top greyscale print quality


  • Flatbed with dedicated zoned vacuum table
  • Flatbed belt with dedicated zoned vacuum table
  • Flatbed table with drive belts for heavy materials
  • Roll to roll feed for continuous printing