Roller box loading or unloading machine.

The TR300 is the most modern, innovative and performing of TecnoFerrari machine used for loading/unloading roller boxes. A large central lifting device allows to load or unload two large roller boxes positioned frontally.


The TR300 is simple and reliable, allows high performance in terms of speed and accuracy in handling the tiles. Moreover, the loading continuity allows the compensator to be eliminated.

The roller boxes are transported by the automatic vehicle TecnoFerrari TGV with the rollersupport sides parallel to the direction of movement.
This determines great resistance to the oscillations and deformation, and assures an excellent stability along time.

The TR300 system allows the use of large boxes with more layers and capacities up to 260 sqm, without any size limitations.


  • Box movement parallel to the sides (great resistance to oscillations).
  • Limited front size, rational and compact lay out.
  • Up to 15,000 sqm/day in a position directly facing the kiln.
  • Does not use compensator and catenary.
  • Large boxes (up to 260 sqm), therefore reduction of traffic