The importance of local assistance: the case of Korb

Service interventions, original spare parts, documents and information on TecnoFerrari-branded machines directly in Asia thanks to the collaboration with Korb

A synergy between professionals in order to be able to guarantee local assistance to its customers on the Asian continent: this was the real goal of the latest agreement TecnoFerrari made with Korb, an Indian company specializing in the supply of materials for digital decoration in the ceramic industry.

“We have been partners with this company for more than a decade now; they were already our agents for that area. With great pleasure, starting this year, we can also count on them for the distribution of original spare parts and for some assistance dedicated to TecnoFerrari digital printers. The Indian market is betting a lot on this technology and having the possibility of guaranteeing a local service, closer both logistically and culturally, has been fundamental in consolidating the relationships that have been created in recent years.” These are the words of Alberto Rosignoli, sales director of the Fiorano-based group specializing in industrial automation and production of machinery for the ceramic industry.


A point of reference also for Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Malaysia, further countries where digital printing is well established in the market

Korb, in addition to collaborating at the customer care level, also provides support for the various trade fairs in Asia in which TecnoFerrari decides to participate each year with its area managers, supporting the Group in the organization and in the various stages of negotiations.

This is not the first and will not be the last partnership to develop for TecnoFerrari, a company that has been operating in the ceramic and automation machinery sector since 1966, always with an eye toward the needs of its customers.