TecnoFerrari: industry 4.0 and logistics automation for business

Increasing the safety and productivity of logistics automation? It can be done with autonomous guided vehicles designed by TecnoFerrari

There is no way to imagine the future of logistics sector without the use of self-driving vehicles. Increasingly innovative automated transport and storage systems are being installed in companies operating in a wide variety of industrial sectors. They have become indispensable tools for speeding up and boosting internal and external transport in production, distribution and warehouse areas. Since the 1990s, after decades of experience in the production of machinery for the ceramic industry, TecnoFerrari has been developing ad hoc solutions to promote industrial automation, following market development trends and increasing globalisation. All projects are designed to meet the customer’s needs: flexibility, innovation and simplicity are the cornerstones of TecnoFerrari’s ideology. Self-driving vehicles are used to optimise the logistical automation of production sites: TGV fleets have the ability to maintain workflows without interruptions, thus increasing the efficiency of the logistics circuit and guaranteeing the integrity of operators and transported products. Thanks to the software solutions proposed by TecnoFerrari, it will be possible to monitor all phases of the logistics process as the vehicles follow predefined routes, customised according to the needs of each individual customer. This type of logistics automation will mark the replacement of manual lifting equipment in favour of automatic transport and storage systems in order to achieve full workflow efficiency. Each TGV has particular characteristics depending on the product sector where it will be used: in order to meet the needs of the customer, the TecnoFerrari’s team has studied various design alternatives, each of which is perfectly capable of achieving its objectives within the production site of destination. From maximum capacity, to stainless material, to automatic refills, to magnetic or laser navigation systems. Innovation does not mean difficulty, especially if you rely on a trustworthy partner like TecnoFerrari who can guarantee ease of use and complete customisation.

The future is logistics automation, the future is TGV by TecnoFerrari


TGV BOX TecnoFerrari automatic vehicles (TGV) are battery-powered shuttles that move automatically following a track of magnets permanently inserted into the floor, therefore completely safe both for wheels vehicles and for the operators.

The TGV, prepared for transport of roller boxes or loading platforms have a maximum capacity of 15,000 Kg.

They can move, for a TR 300-type loading/unloading machine, up to 260 sqm of material into a box and for an MP 300-type, up to 350-400 sqm onto a loading platform.

Models also exist in which re-charge also takes place automatically in a partial re-charge station. In this case the TGV dedicates all block times to auto-recharge of the batteries, without operator intervention.

By means of our innovative ISM system for the production of ceramic granite the versatility of TecnoFerrari automatic guide system can be employed for the transport of silos (containing atomized material) up to 15.000 Kg.

The vehicles have sophisticated and reliable active and passive safety systems for continuous control of the surrounding space, to prevent accidental blows; the safety devices are virtual programmable laser bumper, mechanic bumper, side straps, sound and flashing signals.


  • Completely automatic functioning, also for battery re-charge
  • Maximum safety level for operators
  • Increased capacity (up to 15,000 Kg)
  • Versatility of the system and limited workings for track extensions and modifications
  • Reliability and sturdiness of the vehicles
  • Process control and optimization of the production cycle
  • Standard dimension: 1660x2750mm h520mm