The idea of the Mobile Silo System (ISM) derives from the need to optimize and simplify the production of ceramic granite.

This patented system allows managing automated powders before pressing in a completely automatic way by means of TGV automatic vehicles, eliminating big silos and most conveyors.


  • Flexibility in production, since there are no physical connections between silo loading stations and unloading-mixing stations. Moreover the central computer provides the situation of the silo warehouse in real time, as regards both the quantity and the quality of the powders in stock.
  • No contamination due to the change of product, thanks to the drastic reduction of all pollution sources such as conveyor belts, elevators and baffle knives, and to the introduction of automatic cleaning of silos before filling.
  • Reduction of stocks.Thanks to a more flexible and efficient production, to be adapted to requests and sales.
  • Energy conservation: considerable reduction of electric power, both absorbed directly and necessary for auxiliary plants.
  • Adaptability and flexibility during production. Intermediate manufacturing departments can be integrated or modified at any time with no need to ask for production stoppage.
  • Considerable reduction of assembly time. Mounting the mobile silo system is quick and does not require any big-sized machines for laying.
  • Less waste of raw materials and strong reduction of the environmental impact.