Automatic system for ceramic tile shade classification

EXAMINA S sorting system is characterized by the extreme rapidity for start-up operation and ease of use; it was created to assist the operator in the difficult task of dividing tiles according to different shade in accurate and repetitive way.

The high sensitivity in the shades identification combined with the self-learning system, make a tools needful tool for constantly ensuring a quality product.


EXAMINA S uses powerful and reliable computing systems of the latest generation, high-resolution camera combined with an innovative LED lighting system including active control electronics in order to grant maximum stability and extended lifetime.

EXAMINA S is flexible to use, able to manage an automatic marking system of pieces and providing the interface for reading the production data production; moreover it allows to check the shade’s performance real-time and alert the operator in anomalies cases.


The reliability and strong structure of EXAMINA S are based on the highest quality of hardware components and on great experience acquired in over 15 years working with the best tile factories in Italy.


  • Ease and speed put into function
  • Accuracy and repeatability of the classification
  • High productivity 24/7
  • It allows to increase the quality of the final product
  • Option of remote assistance

Technical Features:

Tile size: from 150×150 mm to 600×2000 mm depending on the version

• up to 160 pieces/minute on 200×200 mm
• 60 pieces/minute on 600×600 mm
• conveyor belt up to 60 m/minute.


  Shade Management:
• Self-learning approach for training through first choice samples
• Two shades management, shading and discard


Alarm Management:
• Warning Alarms and/or alarm for each down-grade
• Console messages, acoustic/visible alarm
• Line stoppage for more severe situation



• Graphics, Histograms, Parameter Settings, and statistics
• Production data available locally and on factory LANs

Technical Specification:

Power requirements: 230Vca, 3 kW


• 600x1100x1200(h from conveyor belts) for size 600 perpendicular to belts
• 600x1460x1450(h from conveyor belts) for size 900 perpendicular to belts


Acquisition subsystem: High resolution camera, innovative LED High lighting system


Interface: Digital, optoisolated for eventual actuators, LAN Ethernet


Operator control: Workstation W7, packet SW “Examiner”, Display 19” LCD Touch Screen