Automatic system for raw tile quality control.

With EXAMINA G it is possible control the product and the production process prior to firing the tiles.


EXAMINA G allows identifying defects such as CHIPPING on TOPS and EDGES, LUMPS due to glaze or dust accumulation, glaze DROPS from digital decorating or dipping machine, STRIPS.

For glossy wall tiles or double firing products which usually have lower productive yields com- pared to the floor tiles, it is even more important and convenient to use EXAMINA G;eliminating small “HOLLOWS” and “BUMPS” hardly visible to the human eye with both the raw and fired product, there are sub- stantial economic benefits that allow the return of the initial investment for the purchase of EXAMINA G in a few months.

EXAMINA G can be integrated with an optional two-stage ejection de- vice that allows the operator the analysis of the rejected pieces before they are definitively eliminated.
The reliability and robustness of EXAMINA G are based on the highest quality hardware components and on the extensive experience gained in over 15 years of activity in the best tile factories in Italy.


• Ease of use.
• Control of the production process.
• Fast start-up at product change.
• Exportable Statistics.

• Alarms can be set on each type of defect.
• Remote Assistance Option.
• Integration with optional tile ejector or break device.

Functional Characteristics:

Tile Format:

up to 600(fired) perpendicular to the straps


Performances: up to 160 pieces/minute for formats 200×200, 60 pieces/ minute for 600×600, conveyor belt up to 60 metres/minute.


Surface Controls:
Broken corners and edges, lumps, chipping, drops, strips, lines, decoration accumulations and, in addition, for glossy products, small hollows or bumps.


Alarm Management:
Warning Messages and/or alarms for individual defect
Acoustic and visual signals on consoles
• Line lock in more severe cases


Charts, Histograms, Parameter Settings.
• Production data locally available and accessible via LAN for statistical prints and analyses.


Intervention Policies:
Visual and acoustic signaling.
• Optional systems for marking, breaking or removing tiles.

Technical Characteristics:

Overall dimensions: depending on the model.


Acquisition systems: High-resolution B/B camera with dedicated LED illuminator.


Power Supply: 230Vca, 3 kW


Operator Console: Display 17” LCD, Keyboard and e trackball with splashproof mechanicaection.


Interfaces: Ethernet 100 mbit/sec, digital I/O for signaling, controls and alarms.