Decora: details that make the difference in digital printing

A simple process for printing high-resolution images and patterns on ceramics

In order to meet an ever-increasing need for precision, creativity and quality in the production of ceramics and slabs, we focused particularly on highly realistic graphic definition. With maximum precision and advanced mechanics, TecnoFerrari’s digital printer uses the latest and most innovative printing technologies. The latest evolution of the Kyocera print heads can produce, with 5 levels of grey printing, a perceived optical resolution of up to 805 dpi. Details and naturalness at the highest level of digital printing for ceramics. All materials in contact with the ink are suitable for the use of water-based inks.

Simple, reliable, flexible and innovative: these were the objectives that TecnoFerrari team set itself when developing Decora, the digital printer of the future

Thanks to our longlasting experience in designing machinery for the ceramics industry and our ongoing research and development of new strategies to increase business productivity, we have created the ideal digital solution for printing and decorating construction materials. “We want to respond concretely to the needs of our customers and for this reason we do not just develop the most technically effective solution: all our products are customised according to requirements and above all easy to use for operators,” confirms Giancarlo Ferrari, owner of TecnoFerrari since 1966. A simple adjustment of the printing parameters, an intuitive and user-friendly software interface, and a remote assistance with 24/7 coverage are just some of the elements that differentiate Decora from any other digital printer available on the market. To imprint creativity on stone, from tradition, the future of digital printing.