Automation for ceramics

In the heart of the Ceramicland: TecnoFerrari

Ceramic storage and automation systems have always been the company’s strong points, with over ten years’ experience in the world of tiles

“Today we can create the factory of the future: now ceramics can develop its artistic aspects without technological limits” says Giancarlo Ferrari, owner of TecnoFerrari since 1966. Each company follows its own path: new ceramic product performance, energy containment, aesthetic research, new sizes and thin thicknesses. Technology is no longer asked for standard solutions, but for systems that can be adapted to new projects. Technological systems are now like made-to-measure suits, the smallest detail are discussed with the customer, tested and finished with sartorial care.

Improvement and stabilisation of production flows together with maximum flexibility in batch management, as well as optimisation of working space and safety for operators are just some of the advantages behind a storage system for the ceramic industry designed by TecnoFerrari. The TGV or LGV systems of the latest generation make it possible to connect the various production phases and manage the intermediate product phases with maximum efficiency, improving performance and productivity. The range is completed by all the loading, unloading and handling machines necessary for transporting the product to the end of processing. Established in the heart of the Emilian ceramicland, TecnoFerrari has always developed solutions for automation in the ceramic sector to meet the needs of a constantly expanding market. The objectives to be achieved? To guarantee high production efficiency and ensure optimal product treatment. The solutions proposed by TecnoFerrari for ceramic handling and automation can handle all types of formats: the evolution and change of the formats most commonly used by consumers has in fact stimulated the design of different types of machines for ceramic storage, from the automatic handling of large slabs to the packaging of small formats. Some machines are equipped with an exclusive suction system that allows a secure grip on any smooth or rough surface, depending on the case you can choose between the suction table or the table equipped with suction cups. TecnoFerrari, thanks to its decades of experience and its qualified staff is therefore perfectly able to meet the needs of any customer who wants to obtain an accurate and efficient ceramic automation system from the initial stages right up to the finished product.

TecnoFerrari has always been innovating for the ceramic sector and beyond

In all other production sectors TecnoFerrari today can boast an experience and flexibility in the general approach to storage systems that few companies in the world possess.

For this reason, while maintaining its point of reference in ceramics, TecnoFerrari today applies this precious know-how in many other areas, and especially in the food, beverage, paper and pharmaceutical sectors, with the possibility of building stainless steel machines, suitable for operating without problems in both grey and clean rooms and proposing solutions for improving all phases of the production cycle, from procurement to processing and storage.