The experience gained by TecnoFerrari group in over forty years ofoperation in industrial automation and the 2000 systems and more set up all over the world allows designing and implementing the most suitable customized solution for the required application.


A dedicated department, consisting of technicians and sales staff, closely monitors all phases of design, from concept to realization. An important added value for the customer, who can rely on deep know-how and extreme broadmindedness.


TecnoFerrari automation integrates and affects the whole production process, each phase and all internal transport, in every product and production sector.

Consulting and management service makes TecnoFerrari the ideal partner for all processing companies.


Thanks to the wide range of palletizers, loading and unloading machines, handling systems, labeling machines and automatic laser or inductive guidance vehiclesoffered by TecnoFerrari it is possible to create the most suitable solution for all needs. Our supervision software provides complete product management and interfaceability with the other machines of the production system.


“I think this is just the spirit of a designer” says Giancarlo Ferrari, “to create what’s missing in the problem solving procedure”.

Customized Solutions