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We have been able to handle complexity since 1966, dealing with industrial automation. Starting with ceramic industry, one of the first sectors which recognized automation as the key to success, now we can operate in all industry 4.0.


On a daily basis, our customized solutions can meet the needs of each customer, because we can provide dedicated solutions for each production and industrial sector.

TGV è un sistema per l'automazione logistica dell'automotive
Ceramics and Slabs

Ceramics has allowed the company to acquire incomparable know-how and to find innovative solutions. The activity of TecnoFerrari in this sector can be resumed in two words: flexibility and customization.

Digital Printing

Reliability, user-friendly, strength and minimal maintenance are the most important  characteristics of our digital printers. Developed from an innovative project, they guarantee the best printing performance with the most complete customization.

End of Line

From quality control with our automatic vision systems, to complete automation with integrated logistic systems, from palletizing to transport with different types of AGVs, we can design and implement the best end-of-line solutions.

Logistic Automation

We have a deep experience and an extreme flexibility in the approach to the logistic and storage systems, that we can apply in many different sectors such as food, beverage, paper, pharmaceutical, ceramic industry and many others industrial sectors.

Research and Development

We keep improving day by day: our aim is to constantly renew our commitment to Research and Development of new technological solutions. We invest in improving our products to bring innovation to the market.

Service and After Sales

Our Assistance team is always at your disposal. The after-sales service is available 24/7 and will help you in all your needs, both remotely and through our best technicians. Our Spare Parts Department is always ready to provide you with our original spare parts.


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