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End of Line

TecnoFerrari has always had a particular attention for the management of the end-of-line for ceramic field. From the management of Quality Control with automatic vision systems, integrated palletizing systems, shuttles TGV laser-guided or inductive, up to the storage solution with product traceability, we can develop customized and integrated projects for the entire automation of the end-of-line.


End-of-line management can increase the performance of the entire production plant, reduce production costs, optimizing storage management and simplifying shipping operations.

Quality Control

The product must always be perfect, for this reason the vision systems of TecnoFerrari allow an accurate quality control with a precise sorting and a selection without errors, without ever slowing down the production.


From the point of view of product quality, packaging is as important as any other step in the production process. To reduce time and costs TecnoFerrari has automated the process of packaging the tiles directly in the line of choice.


For safety inside a plant, maximum stability in the handling of tiles is fundamental. For this reason TecnoFerrari has conceived, designed and patented innovative transport systems with automatic strapping machine on board, which are now a standard in the industry.


TecnoFerrari, since its foundation, studies and realizes plants for material storage. Following the evolution of industrial processes we have also developed automated solutions for the storage of the finished product.

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