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Since the beginning of our history, we have focused on developing innovative solutions, simplifying processes and improving performance. Thanks to this approach and to our extreme flexibility we respond with a tailored solution to all the specific needs of each customer. We are able to propose dedicated solutions in every production and product sector.

Thanks to a perfect control at every stage of the process, Tecnoferrari is the only company able to offer customized, effective and safe solutions for all the necessary moving systems involved in a process industry. Especially in fields such as ceramics, food and beverage, paper and tissue, automotive and pharmaceutical.

Our history is the guarantee of our competence.

Since the late 50’s

In a general context of post-war recovery, in a climate that promoted the birth of new ideas and business projects, what has now become the most important ceramic district in the world grew day by day.


Thanks to the experience gained in this environment, in particular with a complete vision of the different phases of the ceramic production process, in the early ’60s Giancarlo Ferrari, with a partner, began to produce moulds for tiles and equipment for pressing.


The change came in the early ’70s with the construction of the first machine that collects the raw tiles from the presses and loads them on a trolley to transfer them into the firing kiln: it was the beginning of the automation branded TecnoFerrari.

TecnoFerrari è innovazione dal 1966
The success of the first applications

TecnoFerrari keeps growing in the automation of the ceramic sector. It designs and produces new types of machines, becoming in a short time the most important interlocutor in the sector for the automation of processes and storage systems.


Operating in a continuously growing environment, in a sector that invests in the research of new solutions gives Tecnoferrari the possibility to develop innovations, and allows it to study and experiment new solutions.


During this period, Tecnoferrari introduced a revolutionary tile manufacturing system: the press-glazing process, which made it possible to obtain an exceptional ceramic product. With this realization Giancarlo Ferrari acquires a prominent place in the history of industrial and technological development of the ceramic district.
Competence and complete knowledge.

TecnoFerrari è innovazione dal 1966
From the 90’s

A pilot factory is created, Tecnotiles, a real laboratory-factory where to design, create, install and test the most innovative systems applicable to all phases of the production process.


This experience, now completed, has allowed TecnoFerrari to acquire a know-how among the most complete on the production systems of porcelain and a unique expertise in the world on storage systems.


Knowledge and experience acquired over time, until today, which allow TecnoFerrari to be a reference in the industry for digital decoration, quality control, handling, storage and logistics automation for companies and customers around the world.

TecnoFerrari è innovazione dal 1966
Research is the engine of tomorrow

We are confident that simplicity, passion and collaboration allow us to find more and more technological and reliable solutions. It is for this reason that TecnoFerrari was born and has grown to be the point of reference on automation that it is today.


It is vital for us to renew our dedication to the research and development of tools for the improvement of industrial automation systems that we make available to our customers around the world.


The experience of our engineers allows us to design and customize effective solutions and we design and customize them and export them worldwide

TecnoFerrari means quality.

Through defined procedures and rules we can produce products and services that meet specific needs and guarantee quality

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Competence is the key to success.
Ongoing and specialized training is one of the areas to which we devote most attention. We develop specific programs for our team and for those of our clients and partners.


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