We face the complexity of the production cycle through:

  • Innovative solutions
  • Flexible approach
  • Simple processes
  • Better performance


We meet each customer’s specific needs with customized and dedicated solutions, skillfully proposed to every production and product sector.


How do we succeed? Managing complexity is in our DNA, as we in TecnoFerrari have dealt with automation since 1973, following the growth and development of the ceramic industry since the very beginning to this day, gaining knowledge and experiences in an industrial sector that hasidentified in automation the key to success before others.

At present this knowledge isthe plus offered by TecnoFerrari to its customers, in every production and product sector: effective and customized solutions for all the necessary handling operations in aprocessing industry and especially in specific fields such as food, beverage, paper and pharmaceutics.


TecnoFerrari offers a fast track towards success to every company, regardless of their size, since automation means:


  • Safety
  • Time and working precision
  • Perfect control over every process stage
  • Cost reduction
  • Ability to interface with other production technologies
  • Data protection and collection

Our history

In the late 50s…

within the general post-war recovery backdrop and in the wake of the law 635 which provided incentives to set up enterprises in economically depressed areas, ceramic tile factories were established in Fiorano Modenese area and thrived at a striking pace.

For this reason, in 1961 Giancarlo Ferrari decidesto start his own business with a partner, to produce moulds for tiles and systems for pressing, through a complete vision of the various stages of the production process. In 1973 he constructs a machine that collects raw tiles from presses and loads them on a carriage to convey them into the firingkiln: it is the start of automation.

The first applications…

are successful and TecnoFerrari keeps growing and proposing new types of machines, becoming a leader in storage systems over the years. Its activity in an ever-growing sector that offers constant search and investment opportunities allows TecnoFerrari to develop and test innovative solutions.

In those years Tecnotilesis established as a real pilot-factory where the innovative systems applied to all the stages of the production process are designed, checked and adjusted, and a revolutionary system for manufacturing tiles is developed: press-glazing, which allows to obtain an extraordinary ceramic product. Such achievement ensures Giancarlo Ferrari a leading role in the history of the industrial and technological development in the ceramic area.

When Tecnotiles shuts down in the early 90s…

TecnoFerrari has already acquired complete know-how ofporcelain production systems and unique expertise in storage systems.

Thanks to this experience today TecnoFerrari also boasts a leading position in the field of digital decoration.
It is by now a reference company with customers all over the world andcollaborations with other leading companies in the sector of automation for ceramics.