Monogramma TF


TecnoFerrari since the 90’s, after decades of experience in the production of machinery for the ceramic industry, has begun to develop ad hoc solutions to promote industrial automation, following the development of the market and the increasing globalization. All projects are designed to meet the customer’s needs: flexibility, innovation and simplicity are the cornerstones of TecnoFerrari’s ideology.

Structured to be highly flexible, at TecnoFerrari we are able to create ad hoc solutions that can be integrated with the entire production process, covering every phase and all internal transport, in every product sector.

Innovation is not synonymous with difficulty, especially if you rely on a trustworthy partner like TecnoFerrari who can guarantee ease of use and complete customisation. The future is logistics automation, the future is TGV by TecnoFerrari.

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Reliability and safety but with innovative and customised solutions are the characteristics of our AGVs for the ceramic sector, the beating heart of our logistics automation for handling the plant from raw material to finished product.


Thanks to our many years of experience in handling systems, we have been able to bring our automation solutions to the delicate and important glass sector.

Tissue & Paper

One of the sectors in which quality and flexibility are extremely important is Tissue and Paper. Our automated vehicles are able to handle any type of product from reels to pallets, using the best performing AGV for each type.


TecnoFerrari’s ability to learn from every project and system implemented has allowed us to assimilate the best ways to handle and store different types of product, including everything that is packaged and palletised.