Smart Service 4.0 Smart Industry


As known, for years TecnoFerrari has been offering the VivaJet Teleassistance service as a strong point of its Customer Care.
The service makes available, in fixed time frames, specialized technicians able to provide telephone assistance with the help of remote control technologies.


Today, TecnoFerrari Customer Care is further improved and enters into a smart service perspective. Starting from 1st January 2019 the access and the billing mode of the remote assistance service “DigitalRemoteAssistance” will be modified for all the customers with out-of-warranty machines.


The new procedure aims to optimize the service in order to guarantee greater efficiency and a greater reduction in machine downtime. It also allows the diagnosis and resolution of problems without interfering with the production process and avoiding on-site interventions.

The service is able to provide in real time the support necessary to face and solve sudden software problems, consultancy for alarm control and status of systems, advanced instructions on how to operate VivaJet digital printers and all the necessary help to cooperate directly with the operator.


All this, just a click away.


For the activation request, please contact us at , you will receive the service form and the rate table indicating costs, schedules and terms of service.

For the payment methods, please watch the following video tutorial.


Do not hesitate to contact us at for any further information.